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  Third born of my Alika litter is Bersama Alika Tiga, known by her pet name of Astrid.  She was 380grammes at birth and is now nearer 22KG...a good health weight for her build and size; she is 3cm taller than her mum!


  Astrid has completed all health checks for breeding and it is my intent to have a litter in the near future.

  As a taster here are some pictures of my little girl!



My new family

DSC_0013 3.jpeg

A couple of weeks old

DSC_0016 2.jpeg

A few days old


6 weeks old relaxing outside

3 months old at the beach

DSC_0164 2.jpeg
DSC_0042 2.jpeg

5 Months old in the Garden

7 Months old at the Seaside

10 months and growing fast

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