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Our Guide to Buying a Puppy

A few simple things to think about.


Firstly – Ask a question


Secondly – Ask lots of questions


No question is a stupid question

We don’t always have all the answers to every question but we will know lots of people that can help.


Third – Come and visit us in our home and meet our dogs even if you are only thinking about getting a puppy.


Forth – We recommend you do research about this breed before taking on a new puppy, make sure that this is the breed for you and your family.


Fifth – Join in with a Eurasier walk, there are always walks going on some where in the UK.

              Eurasier Walks UK

              Scottish Eurasier Walks


This is a great time to see lots of Eurasiers as everyone is different in colour, size and temperament and it is also a perfect opportunity to ask more questions.

Every owner we know is always happy to talk about their dog or dogs.

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