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How it all Began


    We were first introduced into the Eurasier world in April 2012 when we met up with Brigitte Mordan-Grimm and her 2 Eurasiers, Pamina and Sheeba on a walk in Richmond Park, Surrey. We immediately feel in love with the breed and wanted to know more about them.  With my husband still serving in the RAF we were never sure where we would be living next or when the next posting would take place. So we spent many weekends joining in with any Eurasier walks we could get to. From the beaches on the East coast to Surrey to Stockgrove Park and Birmingham. We would go along, talk to owners and pick up hints, tips and any information we could collect about the breed and the their dogs. Books and the internet also proved a vital source of information.

    In May 2012 our lives changed when we agreed to foster an 18 month old male Eurasier, after a 6 week period we handed him back so he could find his forever home which he did and we believe he is very happy.  During this short time with a Eurasier we knew this was the breed for us but we made the decision to get a female puppy when the time was right. We wanted to make sure that any other postings with the RAF would be local so we waited.

    Then in Nov 2013 we were offered a puppy from a breeder in Glasgow, do we? don’t we? went through our minds, is the time right? are we settled enough? we wanted to be 100% sure as we knew this was going to be a full time commitment, there would be no going back if we agreed.  On 28 November 2013, seven puppies were born to Akira ( Gileyna Unique N Exclusive ) 2 bitches and 5 males.

    Four weeks later we took the long drive from Lincoln to Glasgow to visit Angie Grey and her 2 dogs plus the puppies.  After talking about the possibilities of us being the owners of one of the bitches, a hard decision had to be made, however, when my husband held this tiny black and red puppy in his hands we all knew she was the one.

      Leaving Glasgow we had another 4 weeks to wait, during that time we did question ourselves, had we made the right decision? could we commit to this fizzing bundle of fluff? while all the time buying the things we would need to make this new addition feel at home. After the 4 weeks we returned to Glasgow and collected our ball of fluff, joy, excitement and a whole pile of other emotions went through both of us. We drove away saying goodbye to Angie and Hello to Sirena.


    During the next 18 months, puppy socilalising at a puppy club in Lincoln took place, then puppy training with Lizz Docker at Happy Dogs Forever, Leasingham. Sirena went on to achieve not only her Bronze but also her Silver award in the Kennel Club’s Good Citizen Dog Scheme.


    In June 2014 we all moved to Germany, not a posting we were expecting but we took it on with open arms. Both our dogs had travelled around the UK up to this point but a whole move would be some thing new. As it was, there was nothing to worry about, both dogs settled into life in Germany as if they had always lived there.


    We spent our 2 years in Germany travelling and getting to know many more Eurasier owners and their dogs, we now have many friends from Sweden, Denmark, Holland, Belgium, France and of course Germany.

UPDATE: April 2020

   Since spending 2 1/2 years in Yorkshire the military have once again posted my husband. We have since bought our own home in Somerset, my husband has moved to a job in Bristol and we have finally moved in to our own home just South of Taunton. After 20 moves in 34 years of marriage, we are hoping this will be our forever home.

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