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Bersama Kennel 


The BERSAMA kennel name is relatively new.  We searched for a meaningful name for our kennel name and tried to avoid mixing existing words to create a made-up name.  We lived in Penang, Malaysia for a few years and have many fond memories of the region.  As our house is a home for both humans and dogs and we do everything as a pack we thought that a kennel name reflecting the united nature of our life was most appropriate.  BERSAMA is Malay for 'together' or 'united' and we thought this would be perfect for our kennel name.


We are now a complete family team with our dogs in 2 locations; Kerry is in North Scotland with our 2 breeding bitches and I am in Somerset with our breeding male and our elderly first bitch.

Although we are a small family breeder, we Kennel Club Register all our puppies.  Our dogs are fully health tested and we are working hard to develop our line to be as healthy as possible.

We consider all our puppies and owners to be part of one big family and provide help and advice whenever needed throughout the life of the animal.  Our breeding program is aimed at a small number of litters with the health of the mum and pups being our absolute priority.  As such we are just starting to plan our third litter, please check out the puppies page if you want to know more.

We encourage anyone with an interest in Eurasiers to come and meet us, either join us on a walk or meet one of us at our home.  We are happy to answer any questions you may have even if you aren’t considering a puppy right now.  We love our animals and are very pleased to show them off to anyone.

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