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Welcome to Bersama Eurasiers


My name is Helen Middleton, we were first introduced to Eurasiers on a walk in 2012, having never heard about this breed we began our research.  The more we looked the more we fell in love with this breed. We met people, we talked to them and went on as many walks as we could.  

In November 2013 a litter was born just outside Glasgow, 5 boys and 2 girls. We were offered a female, we thought long and hard, was it the right time, were we ready. We would never be 100% ready as my husband was still serving in the RAF but we decided now was the time.

In early Feb 2014 we collected our Eurasier and named her Sirena, she joined our family and our Dachshund with whom she became best buddies. We had talked about breeding and at the right time we carried out the relevant health checks. Shortly after we were posted to Germany and remained there for 2 years, we made many European Eurasier friends.

On our return and stationed in the Vale of York we took up the idea of breeding again, along with the help of my husband I founded the Bersama Kennel in 2017.  Eventually in the summer of 2019 Sirena gave birth to 4 beautiful puppies, 3 females and 1 male, we were very happily settled. By now our daughter and her family had also fallen under the charm of the Eurasier breed, deciding to keep one of the females and call her Astrid.


The RAF once again had other ideas and we were posted to Bristol, we bought a cottage just outside Taunton in Somerset.

When Astrid came of age she went through all her health checks for breeding.  She passed all these with good results and it was time to find a mate for her.  As there are so few breeders in the UK, finding a suitable stud proved difficult.  After a year of searching, a stud was finally found.  As Astrid was Kerry’s dog it was only fitting that she should join the Bersama family.  Paperwork was sent to the Kennel Club and Kerry became a partner in the Bersama Kennel.


In Oct 2022 we drove with Sirena and Bundy to collect our new addition to the Bersama Family and welcomed Rocknikk’s Honky Tonk Man, better known as Uthred or Uti.


Uthred has since completed all of his health checks and all results are back.

In the summer of 2022 Astrid finally became a mum to 10 amazing puppies.  Kerry made the decision to keep a puppy from this litter as well, she is known as Grizzles and we hope that in time she will also become a mum herself.

With stud dogs being so thin on the ground here in the UK we reached out to our European friends in the hope that we could find a nice male puppy. We were not disappointed when a Swedish Breeder said she would be happy to help us.  

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