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Welcome to Bersama Eurasiers


    My name is Helen Middleton, along with my husband we have one female Eurasier and one Dachshund. We have lived in lots of places and have been in the Vale of York for the last 2 1/2 years.  Recently we moved South to Somerset.  I am still waiting for my husband to retire from the Royal Air Force!


   Please have a look at the pages of our website to get to know our Eurasier  If you would like to talk or ask any questions about Eurasiers, you can find full details of how to get in touch on our contacts page.



    The BERSAMA EURASIERS kennel name is relatively new.  We searched for a meaningful name for our kennel name and tried to avoid mixing existing words to create a made up name.  We lived in Penang, Malaysia for a few years and have many fond memories of the region.  As our house is a home for both humans and dogs and we do everything as a pack we thought that a kennel name reflecting the united nature of our life was most appropriate.  BERSAMA is Malay for 'together' or 'united' and we thought this would be perfect for our kennel name.

    So welcome to our site and we hope you enjoy seeing pictures of our dogs!!


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